The song #NoFilter, which was co-written and produced by our production team The Prime is on heavy rotation for the new North American Starbucks commercial.

    You can check out the online version here.


    We’re happy to announce that that Kyky Videl signed a management deal with Snap-B Music.
    Besides working on her own material she will also work together with The Prime for Snap-B Sync.
    Keep an eye out for this rising star!


    The song #NoFilter, which was co-written and produced by our production team The Prime is on heavy rotation for the new North American Starbucks commercial.

    You can check out the online version here.


    Spanish classical composer Paco Periago signed to Snap-B Sync. His unique style has made him a high in demand composer to score many international films over the last two decades.

    The films Paco scored have been featured on numerous international film festivals like the International Film Festival in Moscow and the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Festival.

    His scores earned him awards for best soundtrack at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and the Mindfield Festival in Los Angeles.
    We’re pleased to announce that his latest album Authorised For Commercial Use has now been added to the Snap-B catalogue and we welcome Paco to our SB family!



    Another four releases for the Zumba Fitness franchise for the Latin American market via Snap-B Sync....


    Have a look at our new subdivision Snap-B Sync, a place where we will generate syncs but artists will stay in full control of their own music ...


    The gig of the Tribute To The Cats Band performed at the Afas Live venue (formerly known as the Heineken Music Hall) has been a great success. Over 5500 visitors attended the gig which resulted in a sold out show!...


    RYI just released their new track Puzzled. Great artwork again by Joel Caust.  Check it out here.



    Dutch release for Celtic Moods via Sony Music. Production for Sinéad O’Connor – The Foggy Dew by The Prime...


    Every two weeks RYI (Redefine Your Imagination) will upload a new song or remix to their official Soundcloud page. Also, don’t forget to pick up their free downloadable monthly mix here.


About us

Snap-B Music is an international media and music company with offices in Britain and the Netherlands. It was founded as a partnership between British rock manager and writer Simon Napier-Bell and Dutch artist and business affairs manager Björn de Water.

Music-wise, the company offers four things – consultancy to artists’ managers and music companies – music publishing, music sync/song placement and rights management. Occasionally we make exceptions and manage artists ourselves. We’ve been doing this for the legendary Irish singer Sinead O’Connor and we’re currently developing Dutch songwriting/production team The Prime, artist Kyky Videl, and electronic duo R.Y.I..

Björn de Water (Rotterdam, 1977) has had 15 years experience as a manager of artists in the Netherlands and the USA and worked with various platinum acts like Delinquent Habits / Kemo The Blaxican (USA), Sinead O’Connor (IE), I Am Aisha (NL), Leona Philippo (NL), Postmen (NL), Lucien Foort (NL) and advised many others. This ‘Dutch American’ globetrotter currently resides in the Netherlands but will be pleased to meet you anywhere. A cup of tea at the London Ritz, or a greasy hotdog in New York’s Central Park? Björn is your man.

Simon Napier-Bell (London, 1939) has been a manager since the 1960s, looking after artists such as the Yardbirds, T.Rex, Wham! (George Michael), Marc Bolan, Japan, Asia and Ultravox. He has also written hit songs, including ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’, for Dusty Springfield and Elvis Presley.

Napier-Bell has also written three best-selling books on the music industry. His latest, Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay, is a complete history of the business of popular music. He is the originating producer of the Las Vegas show ‘Raiding the Rock Vault’, rated Number One Show in Vegas for fourteen consecutive months by Tripadvisor.

Snap-B Music manages all aspects of their artists’ careers including writing, recording, touring, brand partnerships, publicity and merchandise.

As of September 2017 Snap-B welcomed UK/USA subdivision Snap-B Sync, a company specialized in music synchronization for film, TV, commercials and advertisements. It is headed by Björn de Water and is focused on the North and South American market.

Snap-B Publishing and Snap-B Sync currently control over 4.000 songs.

As of November 2017 Napier-Bell stepped down as a director and is now serving as an executive consultant for the company. Besides remaining a valuable asset to our company (and the greatest mentor and friend one could ever wish for!) he’s also working on some great films. His latest movies 50 Years Legal and 27 Gone Too Soon received rave reviews all over the world.

Summer 2018 Snap-B Sync secured the latest Starbucks campaign with the song #NoFilter which is written and produced by The Prime.

Amongst Napier-Bell and De Water’s current and previous consultancy clients are…

Asia Sounds Ltd, Melbourne – Australia
Warner Music – USA
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) – United States
Zuffa LLC – Las Vegas – United States
TTTCB – Volendam – The Netherlands
Delinquent Habits/ Dead Silence Records – Los Angeles – United States
Quizzical Smile / Innercore Music – The Netherlands
Rude Tube – United Kingdom
Sony Music, Hong Kong – China
I Am Aisha – The Netherlands
BMG – Germany
Psalm 21 – Ireland
Thinknology – The Netherlands
Ministry of Sound, London – United Kingdom
Yellowbakkie Productions Ltd, Pretoria – South Africa
Europe China Foundation, Beijing – London – Amsterdam
Feis (Top Notch/Universal) – The Netherlands


Have you ever wondered if your music could be licensed for film, TV, commercials and advertisements? Well, it should be, and Snap-B Sync can help!

Through the years, we have meticulously fostered relationships with the largest synchronization aggregators and music licensing services in the world. We deal with a multitude of independent sync agents, brokers, music supervisors, film editors and advertising agencies.

What’s great about our services is, is that you will stay in full control of your own music. You don’t sign away any exclusivity to us nor our broker or client.

Does this mean you can still use a song that we used for a commercial or tv show? Absolutely! At Snap-B Sync we believe in artists having full control over their own music.

So do you own the rights of your music? Or do you co-own the rights and are all rights owners ready to make some money as well?

Don’t hesitate any longer and send your downloadable link containing your songs (mp3 only) to

If we like what we hear, you’ll hear shortly from us.


Snap-B Music Ltd
601 International House
223 Regent Street
London, W1B 2QD
United Kingdom

General inquiries:

Björn de Water
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Simon Napier-Bell